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Biomagnetism is an "non-invasive energetic therapy" that uses the magnetic resonance between the body and a magnet to identify, neutralize and balance the physical mental and emotional misalignments that manifest in the body...

*** at the moment only long distance therapy, please send an email to inquire to:

The Biomagnetic Pair (BMP)


The Biomagnetic Pair is a non-invasive integrative energy technique discovered by the illustrious Mexican scientist Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán 29 years ago, where pairs of magnets with charge + and - (magnetic fields) are positioned on the body, using the bio resonance charge of  dysfunctional bio-electrical polarities related to different types of pathologies, dysfunctions or specific symptomatology; these pairs of magnets in the body (magnetic fields), manage to neutralize or (depolarize) possible internal imbalances related to the potential Hydrogen (pH) of tissues, organs or anatomical structures of the body, thus favoring an optimal state of health and well-being. This technique can be used before (as prevention), during (as a treatment) or after (as rehabilitation) of a disease, without altering prescriptions or medical interventions.

Benefits of therapy

The Biomagnetic Pair technique promotes the following benefits in the body:
  1. Adequate state of energy.

  2. Correct activation of the immune response.

  3. Adequate functioning of organs, glands and tissue repair.

  4. Detoxification.

  5. Decrease in the harmful effects of stress.

  6. Correct metabolic activation.

  7. Decrease in symptomatic processes (pain, inflammation, swelling, burning, etc.)

  8. Adequate vascular tonicity and blood flow.

  9. Decrease in adverse effects in conventional treatments.

  10. Decrease in hospitalization, convalescence and rehabilitation times.

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