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Therapies that I practice along with Biomagnetism

 Details of a Biomagnetic Pair session or scan

  • Approximate duration of therapy is 60 to 90 minutes.

  • It is advisable to drink one to two glasses of water before therapy as the body transmits bioelectricity through hydration.

  • Bring clean socks and comfortable clothes.

  • The therapy is performed on a massage bed, where the client lies down and their legs are used as a means of communication (as a kinesiological test), the therapist  then will put on some therapy shoes that help to measure the body responses, and help to minimize the direct contact with the client.

  • It is preferable that the client relaxes and it is recommended to sleep and rest during the session.

  • It is recommended to remove any electrical devices including watches and ferromagnetic jewelry.

  • Once the points have been found either by magnet tracking or by the Bioenergetics technique, the magnets are left in the indicated place for 20 minutes for each point found.


At the end of a BMP therapy, it is recommended:

  • Change toothbrush, razor, open water bottles and avoid any other re contagious environment

  • Eat Healthy

  • Drink plenty of water and liquids that can help to detoxify ex. lemon water or apple cider vinegar

* It is recommended to control physical, mental and emotional stress to strengthen the immune system, and thus increase the chances of clinical improvement.

** Remember that it is necessary to have continuity of 3-5 sessions for greater effectiveness of the therapy and at least a week between sessions, there are instances where the misalignments are corrected in one or two sessions, and others where you have to work a little more but your body will give you the reason!

*** Remember that this therapy can be use as an aide to remain healthy, it is recommended to perform a PB scan every 4 to 6 months just to check how your body is coping while traveling, flu season. 

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What is Bioenergetics?


It is the Biomagnetic Pair methodology where mental effort is used to perform the scanning of specific points in the organism; subsequently, these altered points are neutralized with the magnetic fields of the magnets. Only an advanced therapist with a second level and with the requirements of at least 100 traces with magnet can perform this tracing successfully.


It is the Biomagnetic Pair methodology in which it is possible to perform a remote scan, that is, without the user being physically present in the consultation site. It is needed to have an antenna (a relative or person close to the user) for the physical scan. The mental effort is used for the realization of the tracking and the magnets for the correction of the altered points.

Remote scans can only be performed in very specific cases in which the user can not attend the consultation in person, or the user can not remain physically still during therapy.

For remote tracking, you must first contact your Biomagnetism Therapist for planning and authorization purposes.

Telebioenergetics in Animals


With the use Telebioenergetics we can also treat the animals utilizing as an antena the closest person to the animal. I had the privilege of attending the first Biomagnetism training in Veterinary Medicine at the Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran School of Biomagnetism and the results of applying this wonderful therapy to our life partners gives very good results.

This therapy its very effective!



It is a new modality that complements the Biomagnetic Pair where we search the energetic element of the conflicts and their symbolic codes that are behind the microbes are identified. Deactivates the conflicts that support the formation of microbes; It is the deep understanding of how microbes affect us at all levels of existence: it explains why we get sick, at what moment an energetic moment is created that leads to a biological conflict that attracts a microbe or microbes and how they evolve among themselves. This fascinating subject studied in deep understanding is led by Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios, creator of the Microbioenergetics technique.

“We use magnets to modulate the energy of the body and all the species of microbes are adaptations according to the needs, deficiencies or movements we make in life”.  - Dr. Miguel Ojeda Rios

In my experience, Microbioenergetics helps to defuse existing and recurring conflicts, it is a tool that helps Biomagnetism in its effectiveness.

Biomagnetic Balance - CODICA

It's one of my favorite therapies! Free your mind, transform your life and change the world ... designed to appreciate reality without distortions, improving our emotions and behavior patterns. It is successful because strategies are learned to process reality with forceful logic, while rewarding the change with positive reinforcements, stimulating groups of neurons with specific abilities in our brain.

The stimulation is done with magnetic fields, which subtly promote our own activity or neuronal plasticity, it is like receiving a direct indication that tells us where the right resources are for each circumstance and rewards us for using them. The therapy consists of an unconscious tracking that detects the scenarios of life where we have a misconception that affects us in our daily lives. This therapy requires at least 1 visit every 21 days x 3 times.

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