8. Do I need to feel anything during therapy?Not necessarily. Although some people fall asleep, some even snore during the process and that is totally ok. 

Some people experience deep relaxation and some other might experience the magnet force in them strongly,  or nothing at all;  no sweat, we all are different.  Just be observant on your body for the next days, things might change.

9. some information to consider about the therapy.

the body gives information in layers, sometimes when there is a chronic issue , the brain doesn't necesarily take is as priority because it has been there long enough that is part of the " body normal function" however the idea is to get to that lawer of information and clear the body of pathogens that are in the way. Little by little the issues are resolved,

it is work!! ....but we can work it!!


6. Can the therapy help animals too?

yes, thanks to Boienergy the therapy can be done using the owner or the closest person to the pet. There is no need to treat the pet physically.

7. Can Bioenergy also be use to give therapy to a person in a distance?

yes, it will be the same process as pets,  a close person can be used physically to do the therapy but the person in treatment has to have acknowlednement and approval for therapy.






1. How is the therapy of the biomagnetism like and how long does it take? 

usually the first session takes between 60 to 90 minutes, it begins with survey of the issues to treat and  explanation and understanding of how the therapy works. You are asked to bring clean socks or I will provide that for you. I will ask you to wear  special shoes  that will help me to be precise in the measurement of your legs and  will also help to minimize the direct contact with your body. Drinking water prior the therapy is requested. After the consent of therapy, you will lie down in a  masage table free from any electronic devices or metals and I will perform  some kinesiology test using your legs called "rastreo" wich is a scanning of every point in your body that can harbor a pH imbalance, once found a disonant spot I will put the magnets positive and negative that will create a resonance strong enough to fight the resonance between pathogens found . Once located  the areas and are impacted with the magnets positive and negative . I will leave magnets in the area for about 15 to 20 minutes for each point found. 

2. How many therapies are needed? 

it depends on each individual needs because we all are different and react different to the therapy. Anywhere from 2 to 5 sessions at least once or twice week when needed; your body will tell and you will decide.

3. How  can Biomagnetism be used as preventive tool?  therapy is recommended after traveling particularly abroad in places that cleanliness is not a priority,  also after being in contact with infectious environments, people or animals. I also recommended before  and after surgery.  Remember  that some virus, bacterias and parasites are transmitted by airborne, physical contact,  by environments or from animal to person.

4. How do I prepare for therapy?

wear comfortable light clothing, clean socks and drink water before therapy. 

5. Can anyone enjoy BMP therapy without contraindications?

There are few contraindications, individuals who have had chemotherapy must wait at least 3 years from their final treatment to enjoy this therapy. Also individuals with a pacemaker or battery devices on their body cannot be treated around the area of the device. Also pregnancy, blood transfusion and organ transplants need to be disclosed prior therapy.